International summer school

Complex structures in language and cognition - From a mind, brain, and machine perspective

This summer school aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines in the field of Cognitive Science to discuss different viewpoints on complex structures in language and cognition.


Our Project 

Humans can perceive and process not only individual objects, but much more complex structures like complex scenes, sentences and complex discourses. What enables the mind/brain to be capable of establishing relations among more basic elements? How are structures constructed or retrieved, processed, and remembered? What are the underlying neural correlates? How is complexity dealt with in machine learning?



Applicants pursue an MA or PhD degree in any discipline within the Cognitive Sciences (Psychologists, Psycholinguists, Neuroscientists, Computational scientists, and related fields). This summer school will bring together people from South and Latin America, Asia, and Europe.


Where to stay 

The summer school will take place in Heidelberg from October 3rd to October 13th 2022. Participants will stay at the International Academic Forum Heidelberg, right beneath the famous Heidelberg castle.



There will be 10 keynote lectures and 3 hands-on workshops. The keynote lectures shed light on different aspects of how cognitive systems create or decompose structures. Workshops will deal with selected methodological questions concerning the empirical basis for studying aspects of structure processing. In addition, social events will provide many opportunities to connect with researchers from Heidelberg and Europe, as well as from Asia and Latin and South America.

Here is our preliminary program:

Week 1:

Week 2:

Preliminary list of speakers:

  • Prof. Alexander Gutschalk (Auditory Cognition Laboratory, Neurology Department, University Hospital Heidelberg)
  • Prof. Andreas Voss (Stochastic Diffusion Models, Institute of Psychology, Heidelberg University)
  • Prof. Jan Rummel (Cognitive self-regulation, Institute of Psychology, Heidelberg University)
  • Prof. Filip Sadlo (Visual computing group, Heidelberg University)
  • Prof. Thomas Fuchs (Phenomenology, Psychopathology, and Psychotherapy, Heidelberg University)
  • Prof. Robert Christian Wolf (Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, Heidelberg University)
  • Prof. Christiane von Stutterheim (Institute of German as a Foreign Language Philology)
  • Prof. Michael Herweg (Institute of Computational Linguistics, Heidelberg University)
  • Dr. Johannes Gerwien (Heidelberg University Language and Cognition lab)
  • Dr. Nikola Paillereau (Institute of Psychology, Czech Academy of Sciences)
  • .. confirmation pending from several other experts


  • Eyetracking (confirmed)
  • MEG (confirmed)
  • fNIRS (confirmed)

... more information coming soon


Our partners:

The summer school is a cooperation of the HULC lab, "Cognitive Science in HD" (Heidelberg University, Field of Focus 4, Main Research Area), the Neurology Department of Heidelberg University Hospital (Section Biomagnetism) and the Core facility for Neuroscience of self-regulation (CNSR).

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